Carrie + Joe

The bride didn’t care about the details. She didn’t want close ups of the ring, there were no flower girls or ring bearers. All she wanted was for us to capture the joy of the evening. Her family and friends who drove from Utah and flew from the mid-west, these lovely people were the details of her life. Her aunt, a flamboyant, funny, feisty comedy writer, belted out  wedding songs as she rolled Carrie’s hair in hot curlers.

A second marriage for the bride + groom. Their love affair surprised everyone. But no one more than Carrie herself.  A little older. A lot wiser.  The tall, dashing, black haired triathlete swept her off her feet.

The groom patiently waited in the backyard with the other men. 40 degrees and no overcoat. Dare I say, love kept him warm? Love does that. It burns bright. It burns hot. It smolders. It gives us butterflies and sweaty palms. And for Carrie + Joe, love found them later in life, with six kids in tow racing toward the sun. DSC_6555-2-2DSC_6571-2DSC_6586-2DSC_6735DSC_6784-2-2DSC_6837-3DSC_6804-2DSC_8487DSC_7014-3-2DSC_7048-2DSC_8576-2DSC_7138DSC_7145DSC_8608-2

Eyinade + Wasihi

This was the bride + groom’s second wedding. Their first marriage. But their second wedding. Their “American” wedding. Their first wedding was celebrated in Nigeria with 2000 guests. But as you know, when it comes to wedded bliss there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. Eyinade + Wasihi know this is true. That’s why they came here, to Vegas. It’s why her parents flew in from Nigeria. And why her sisters/bridesmaids traveled from the U.K.  Because as crazy as it sounds, celebrating love again and again isn’t an extravagance. It’s a necessity. And wedding cake is delicious. 122015_4132DSC_6155DSC_6299DSC_6311DSC_6319DSC_6347DSC_6358DSC_6404-6DSC_6450DSC_6475DSC_8336122015_3713DSC_6074-2122015_3708122015_3990122015_3896-2122015_4036-3DSC_6073-2