Denise + Josh

When two super, duper expressive families unite in matrimony, don’t forget to bring the hankies. There were tears. Tears of joy, tears of love and lots of belly laughs. The hall roared with laughter. No one was blubbering more or laughing louder than the big guy himself, the groom. His love and happiness overflowed. And as he wept tears of joy, his bride stood by him solid as a rock.

Siblings being siblings, gave each other noogies and spooned for pictures. They told touching, embarrassing, sentimental stories about the Bride + Groom. The kids played in a special section just for them, equipped with blocks and wedding coloring books which they promptly dropped when it was time to hit the dance floor.  Apparently, you’re never too young to do the Dougie or the Nae Nae.

The best Mother-of-the-Groom speech, ever, was when the Groom’s mother thanked her new daughter for caring for her son after his accident, she said, ‘as a mother, you know you have to step back and let a new woman care for your son, but this is my son.  So I watched you love him. I watched you care for him. I know you’re the best woman for him and I can let him go.’ The torch was passed.

The cake topper, proudly created by the groom featured The Hulk and Alice in Wonderland. Two fantasy characters whose adventures are yet to begin.  The reception ended with the cutting of the cake and because all is fair in love and cake feeding, the evening was a smashing success.

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