Olivia + Scott

Young love. Is there anything more pure or promising or true? Olivia + Scott are the epitome of young love. Devout and firmly rooted in the church, they found in each other, the promise of eternal love. Their vows were spoken with the sincerity and pledge of a covenant. Their first kiss as man and wife may very well have been their first kiss.

During the reception, Olivia’s 92 year old grandfather stood and gave this advice:  “Husbands, when you tell your plans to your wife, she’ll be quiet because she’s thinking. She’s thinking about the consequences of your plan. She’s thinking about the long term. Wives, when your husband comes to you with a plan, no matter how ridiculous it sounds or how badly he fails, remember he’s a little boy trying to please you.”

It’s impossible to predict how long a marriage will last. But with faith + family on their side, this bride + groom are highly favored to enjoy a blessed life together.

Denise + AJ

There was dancing. Everyone danced. For three days they danced. And sang. And discreetly slipped envelopes to the groom’s mother and father. In between the dancing and singing, there was food. Good. Delicious food. There was also key moments like the mehndi party, the sangeet, the sehra and baraat and of course, the gurdwara.  There is no celebration if there is no gurdwara.

And because it was an Indian wedding. People came from near and far. They came from California. From England. From India. Family. Friends. And surprisingly, strangers. Indians who heard there was a wedding. They attended. And the groom’s family prepared for hundreds of people they didn’t know to dance at their son’s wedding.

An Indian wedding is so much more than a wedding. It’s a community event. A family reunion. A debutante ball in which the next generation dances with their counterpart. Many bonds are formed. And at the center of it all, is the bride + groom.

Eyinade + Wasihi

This was the bride + groom’s second wedding. Their first marriage. But their second wedding. Their “American” wedding. Their first wedding was celebrated in Nigeria with 2000 guests. But as you know, when it comes to wedded bliss there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. Eyinade + Wasihi know this is true. That’s why they came here, to Vegas. It’s why her parents flew in from Nigeria. And why her sisters/bridesmaids traveled from the U.K.  Because as crazy as it sounds, celebrating love again and again isn’t an extravagance. It’s a necessity. And wedding cake is delicious. 122015_4132DSC_6155DSC_6299DSC_6311DSC_6319DSC_6347DSC_6358DSC_6404-6DSC_6450DSC_6475DSC_8336122015_3713DSC_6074-2122015_3708122015_3990122015_3896-2122015_4036-3DSC_6073-2


Heidi + Dean

Love can transform two good people into two great souls. Apart, they are capable, loving people with full, meaningful lives. Together, Heidi + Dean, are Sinatra and Vegas. They are champagne and bubble baths. They are old school charm that hearken back to a classier, jazzier time when women were from good stock, had sexy, throaty laughs. And, oh yeah, were breathtakingly beautiful. And the men were chivalrous and sporting. Heidi + Dean are everything we love in a couple. All cake. And a bit of frosting for glamour.bride+groom bride+groombride+groom bride+groombride+groom bride+groom bride+groombride+groombride + groom bride+groombride + groom

Sarah + James

Generations of matrimony surrounded the bride + groom. How fortunate Sarah + James were to have their full sets of parents and grandparents to support and guide them through this passage. Sarah’s grandmother made her exquisite veil. An heirloom from her own wedding dress refashioned into this stunner. Her step father officiated the wedding. And the ceremony took place at her family home. Home is where the heart is and that was evident in every decoration lovingly crafted by the matriarchy.bride+groom bride+groom bride+groom bride+groom bride+groom bride+groom

Alyson + Gabriel

The bride + groom arrived fully committed to each other. Their lives were all ready intertwined, all ready full and their guest list brimmed with family and friends that reached back beyond the beginning. With two kids in tow and two sets of families on both sides of the aisle, Alyson + Gabriel’s wedding was a celebration of the life they all ready shared.  The reception hall boomed with laughter and the occasional misty eyes spilled happy tears. Sharing their special day was a reminder that family, whether by blood or by choice, is all we need and every reason to celebrate. bride+groombride+groom bride+groom bride+groom bride+groom bride+groombride+groom bride+groom

Melissa + Josh

The Bride + Groom were lord and lady of the manor. The setting was wonderfully eccentric and regal. And proved to be the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Photographing the bride and her ladies-in-waiting was reminiscent of Downton Abbey meets Vanity Fair. The muted colors. The gilded and gold accents. Perfectly reflected the regal bearing of the groom and his demure, gracious bride.

I wish all brides, heck, all women, could be as sure as confident as radiant as Melissa. She exuded the kind of calm that comes with knowing you’re marrying the right man. On her wedding day, she was giddy with anticipation and ready for her new life to begin. Josh has an old school soul with modern sensibilities. The kind of guy who values family and friendships in all its many forms. It was such an honor to be a part of their special day.

Kelsey + Kyle

A sweet, young couple eloped in Las Vegas proving all you really need at a wedding is the bride + groom. Kelsey didn’t adorn herself with expensive jewels. Nor did she need to. She was the jewel and shined brighter than the Hope diamond. When she revealed herself in her wedding gown to Kyle, the look on his face was priceless.

Kelsey + Kyle are a lovely reminder that a wedding is a ceremony while a marriage is a union And money may buy many things, especially in Las Vegas, but it will never buy manners, morals, character, trust or true love. All of which we witnessed in this charming couple.