Olivia + Scott

Young love. Is there anything more pure or promising or true? Olivia + Scott are the epitome of young love. Devout and firmly rooted in the church, they found in each other, the promise of eternal love. Their vows were spoken with the sincerity and pledge of a covenant. Their first kiss as man and wife may very well have been their first kiss.

During the reception, Olivia’s 92 year old grandfather stood and gave this advice:  “Husbands, when you tell your plans to your wife, she’ll be quiet because she’s thinking. She’s thinking about the consequences of your plan. She’s thinking about the long term. Wives, when your husband comes to you with a plan, no matter how ridiculous it sounds or how badly he fails, remember he’s a little boy trying to please you.”

It’s impossible to predict how long a marriage will last. But with faith + family on their side, this bride + groom are highly favored to enjoy a blessed life together.